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By | February 7, 2024

The entertainment world was shocked by a controversial video involving the famous rapper Drake during his visit to Germany. A short video that appeared on social media on January 6 then shows the moments that caused controversy regarding the music star’s alleged inappropriate behavior.

This incident first appeared when the video then quickly spread on various social media platforms.

Later footage shows Drake at a nightclub in Berlin, and several events in the subsequent video reveal behavior that many people consider strange.

Watch Drake Trending Videos

Watch Drake Trending Video

A controversial video from famous rapper Drake became the center of attention on social media after it was uploaded on January 6. The short video then reveals Drake’s alleged inappropriate behavior while in Germany.

In a video that immediately went viral, Drake appears at a nightclub in Berlin. Several incidents reveal the strange and unusual behavior of this music star. The local police immediately issued a statement that they were investigating the matter to understand the context and determine the authenticity of the recording.

Drake fans in Germany and around the world reacted quickly to the video, with many condemning his subsequent behavior as inappropriate. Activist groups and women’s organizations have also spoken out, calling for legal action if legal or ethical violations are found.

Drake, who is currently on his world tour, has yet to provide an official response regarding the video. Fans speculate that there could be an unrevealed context in the footage. However, until now, there has been no official statement from Drake’s management or representatives.

In several clips in the video, Drake appears talking to several unknown people with a high voice and surprising gestures. Some social media observers suspect that the following incident could have occurred in the context of entertainment or an on-stage scenario, although this has not been officially confirmed.

Berlin police are hoping for information to come from eyewitnesses who were at the nightclub on the night of the incident. They also collected other evidence, as well as CCTV footage at the location. A police spokesperson said: “We are taking this report seriously and are carrying out a thorough investigation to determine the true nature of the incident.”

Within hours of the video going viral, the hashtag #DrakeControversy was trending on various social media platforms. Many netizens expressed their surprise at the following incident and criticized behavior that was considered inappropriate for a well-known public figure.

Meanwhile, some of Drake’s loyal fans insist that his subsequent videos could have been taken out of context or improperly edited to create the wrong impression. They appealed to residents not to be quick to judge without aware and complete information.

In response to this situation, several music streaming platforms removed Drake’s songs from their playlists as a form of protest against his alleged controversial behavior. Several sponsors and business partners are also discussing collaborations with the rapper.

In response to this controversy, several organizations in Germany working on issues of gender justice and violence expressed their desire to work closely with the authorities to ensure that actions, if proven to violate the law or ethics, are met with appropriate consequences.


Drake’s management is expected to immediately issue an official statement after investigating further and realizing the context of the video. Meanwhile, people around the world are still waiting for further developments in what has become increasingly heated as one of the biggest controversies in the world of entertainment at the beginning of the year. this 2024.

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